Over the last few months I've been interested in bridging two of my interests by starting up a new label inside Hausu called tapes.audio as a non-profit.

tapes.audio would act as a starter scheme for independent artists who aren't yet making their own physical releases and help establish them with a limited-edition cassette run.

I got the idea after working with God Alone on the design and layout of their 2020 remix album God AloneΒ² on cassette. More artists should be embracing physical releases as a way to counter pitiful Spotify payments - cassettes are a cheap and scalable way to get started, with none of the massive overhead and logistical difficulties of vinyl.

The coronavirus pandemic and busy times on my day job haven't left me in the best shape to get the label up and running, but if you're interested in getting on board, I'd love to talk to you about it.